Top 3 Smart Speakers Available

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Speaking of decorating, we want to run you through some of the most useful smart speakers on the market today!

A speaker’s functionality has come a long way. Before, it was just for playing music at your house parties and karaoke nights. Now, you can issue voice commands to them. You can ask them to turn on one of your appliances for you, find a good restaurant, ask for a weather update, and so much more.

If you think smart speakers are a good investment, you might as well choose the best ones. We have rounded up the Top Three Smart Speakers for 2018 for you.

JBL LINK 20 (£169.99 – £179)

Ranking 1st on our list is the JBL Link 20 speaker. This voice-controlled speaker has a built-in Google Assistant that lets you command almost everything. Just like what you do with your phone, start by saying “Ok Google”, then it will prompt the speaker to do your bidding. You can ask Google to turn on your bedroom light for you. You can play music from different platforms like Spotify, Pandora and so much more.

Supported by Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth streaming, you can connect any device to the JBL Link 20 system, and start playing good music. This speaker is perfect for parties since it has a built-in 6000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that allows you to play music for up to 10 hours. Plus, JBL Link 20 is waterproof and can be submerged under water. It’s perfect for poolside parties! If you love the outdoors, the speaker is also ideal for you since it is made of durable fabric and rubber. You can bring it anywhere with view of smart speaker

AMAZON ECHO 2ND Gen (£89.99)

Number 2 on our list is the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. This hands-free and voice-controlled speaker sold by Amazon Digital Services comes in different styles to cater to every person’s taste. You can choose from Charcoal Fabric, Heather Gray Fabric, Sandstone Fabric, Oak Finish and Walnut Finish. Amazon Echo connects with Alexa, which is its Voice Service.

It allows you not only to play music but also to send or receive text messages and make calls, ask for weather updates, sports score updates and any information on the internet. Just say “Alexa” and you’re good to go. You can even control some of your appliances with this speaker.

Amazon enhanced the sound quality of this speaker. Unlike its predecessor, it now has Dolby processing features that also make this speaker a great choice for music enthusiasts. Echo has a 360-degree omnidirectional audio that allows you to hear the music in your entire home. It also has a noise cancellation feature that allows Echo to hear you from any part of your home.

AMAZON ECHO DOT 2nd Gen (£49.99)

Coming in at number 3 is the Amazon Echo Dot. Also sold by Amazon Digital Services, this compact voice-controlled speaker has basically all the features of the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen but has a different sound quality. It is also cheaper than the Amazon Echo 2nd Gen. Echo Dot can make calls, send and receive messages, controls electric fans, TVs, lights, and other compatible devices.

If you are looking for a small speaker that you can put in the small corners of your home, opt for the Amazon Echo Dot. You can put it in one corner of your kitchen. Echo Dot can help you find the recipe that you like to try. You can also put it in your bedroom and use it as your alarm clock.

This speaker has 2 colours to choose from. It comes in the classic colours of black and white.

Hand holding smart phones and portable speaker on wooden table.
Hand holding smart phones and portable speaker on wooden table.

Choosing a Speaker

When it comes to buying a speaker, there are lots of things to consider. Choosing the best speaker for you will depend on how you will use it. If you want to use it for purely listening to music, look for a speaker with excellent audio. But, if you want a voice assistant, you can choose a speaker with less audio quality and is portable and more affordable.