Apple Music vs Spotify: Which takes home the crown?

Apple Music and Spotify are two of the most highly used music streaming apps followed by Pandora, SoundCloud, TuneIn Radio, and a lot more.

History of Music Apps

Spotify was created in the year 2006 and was launched in 2008 in Sweden and was made available to 65 countries worldwide.

Apple Music, on the other hand, was announced and launched in 2015 by Apple Inc. and was made available over 100 countries worldwide.

Subscription Services for both Music Apps

You can stream Spotify’s basic features for free but you’ll have to put up with advertisements and limitations. Spotify utilizes a freemium model of service, which means that while you can use it for free, you can get more useful features such as the ability to download music and enjoy a better experience with a premium account.

However, Apple Music has always been a paid-only app. There is a three-month free trial period but after that, there is no option to use it for free.

With the latest statistics, Apple Music has 40 million paid subscribers, and Spotify claims to have 75 million also with millions more free users.

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Social Connection Functions on Apple Music & Spotify

Apple Music has this feature they call Connect, which enables artists to share photos and information with their fans. You are also allowed to comment, like, or share your favourite artist’s messages and they can even reply back. Posts, songs, and albums can also be shared over to Facebook and Twitter.

As with Spotify, unfortunately, the Inbox/Message feature was removed due to claims by the company that it is too expensive to maintain and it was not used much. Nevertheless, they have a function that allows subscribers to follow one another and look up the songs they listen to and who they follow. They also enable users the ability to share and recommend playlists, and all these can be posted on Facebook.

Spotify & Apple Music Special/Exclusive Features

Apple Music has an iCloud Music Library that enables you to add music to your iTunes app on your Mac or PC. It is accessible to all your devices. This is also handy if you want to listen to releases not available for streaming. You can purchase those on iTunes and they will be added directly to your library. As compared to Spotify, you can purchase it still, but will not sync to your library.

In addition to the millions of songs available, by the year 2016, Apple Music started featuring music videos, concert footage of music releases, web series, and films.

Apple Music also has a nonstop radio station, Beats 1, playing music on live radio shows selected by DJs, though they also have generic radio stations for those who just want to relax and choose their own genre. They also feature non-music stations including BBC News and ESPN.

Spotify does not feature radio stations. However, they do offer a more personalized selection of music based on day-to-day interests. This is found under their Search tab as Assisted Playlisting.

Furthermore, Apple Music has Siri support and Spotify is just beginning to add voice support features.

One thing Spotify has that Apple Music does not have is Spotify Running. This feature is perfect for runners. On phones with good sensors, it automatically selects a playlist that complements your tempo as you run or work out. In addition, you can manually input the tempo to your liking (steps per minute). The feature is still flawed, but it’s unique and the team is continuing to iron out the bugs.


How Spotify & Apple Music Pay Artists 

Artists get paid from the number of streams they get from the moment they published their song on the app. If you’re an artist, your money will be placed directly into your TuneCore account. For more information with regard to terms and rates, you can visit

If forced to choose one, it would be difficult to make a decision. Both are worthy of the title as most used streaming music apps worldwide. They both have special features the others do not have, and both are upgrading and expanding as the years go on. They continue to amaze and entertain subscribers, and meet suggestions and feedbacks, as they continue to grow in the music industry.

Apple Music was launched years after Spotify, but it still has a considerable number of subscribers. Not to mention, Apple Music has more exclusive and advanced features compared to Spotify. Spotify however, is free so it’s accessible to anyone and the premium version provides a significantly better experience for users.

In the end, it all depends on how you like your music, the amount of customisation you want, and the features you absolutely require for a music service.