About Us


Try Buy Software is among the leading software and technology resource platforms in the online space. We are essentially a magazine that has been specifically tailored to give you the best tech advice. We have established ourselves as a trusted authority in the field of software and technology as we have a team of tech savvy writers who have made it their sole purpose to ensure that you are kept up to date on news, reviews, trends and any other insights about technology. This platform is suited for both tech savvy and non tech savvy individuals mostly in businesses.

We understand that technology can be a complex topic that is technical and sometimes difficult to explain but our team of seasoned writers are up to the task and will simplify content in a way that even those who aren’t tech savvy will get it. This is an online technology magazine that believes in the spirit of interactivity and that’s why our platform will always be open to receive your feedback.

What we ultimately desire is to have a society that is well abreast with technology.

It will be our joy to be your number one resource platform on all things technology.

Brandon White – Chief Editor, Try Buy Software