The 4 key characteristics of technology

When looking at technology, especially as you attempt to establish its potential value to your business, there is a criterion that you must check it against in order to ascertain whether the technology will be of value to you. If the technology meets this criterion then it’s safe to assume that it will serve its purpose in your business however if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t waste your resources investing in such a technology.

This article looks at the 4 key characteristics of technology that you should always evaluate any piece of technology against before adopting it.

Technology should act as an extension of human capability

characteristics of technology

Technology has been resisted by many people especially in industries because it’s perceived as being here as a replacement for humans. This is, however, a misconception and the type of technology you should avoid adopting because it may result in more harm than good to your business operations if your staff don’t embrace it. Technology is essentially an extension of human capability and should, therefore, be treated as such because it’s meant to increase the output of humans. If you look at most technologies, they tend to go to levels a normal human wouldn’t be able to get to.

Technology should improve production outcomes

characteristics of technology

In any type of business, technology in itself is not an end but rather a means to an end. This, therefore, means that any technology that’s adopted in a business should ideally help in improving production outcomes and not result in the outcome itself. At the end of the day, the person using the technology should be the one to make the final decisions and not rely on the technology to make the decisions for them.

Technology has to be socially embedded

characteristics of technology and social media

Today, it should not be possible to separate technology from human activity in fact technology is now a part of human activity. Whether it’s a political, cultural, or ideological context, which make up the social context of society, technology should be able to seamlessly be integrated into such activities.

Technology has to be practical and functional

characteristics of technology

Before any piece of technology is adopted, it must pass the test of functionality and practicality. This is because technology is meant to help address specific societal needs therefore it will be of no benefit it can’t offer practical solutions to these needs. This is why tech companies will invest heavily in research and development to ensure that before technology hits the market, it has been well tried and tested.

It’s important for both consumers of technology as well as developers of technology to be fully aware of these characteristics of technology so that they are both able to evaluate technology from a point of knowledge. All in all, provided any piece of technology satisfies the above characteristics then you can rest assured that it will serve you well.

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