The 5 essential qualities of any good technology

Before adopting any type of software or technology in your business, it’s always advisable to first be aware whether it will serve the purpose you intend for it. This is what determines whether or not it’s a good piece of technology. Generally, it will always be evaluated based on its ability to address the need you intend to use it to solve.

Here, we’ll look at the 5 essential qualities of any good technology.

1 The technology is easily accessible

good technology

Generally, any piece of good technology should always be easily accessible and not just a preserve for a few. It should be fairly priced and well distributed so that any person looking to access it as well as any support services can access it with ease.

2 The technology always works

good technology

Once you adopt the use of any piece of technology, it must serve the purpose you intended for it by working and delivering its value proposition to your satisfaction. Good technology is not meant to malfunction or fail to produce the results the tech provider had promised it would do. Regardless of which part of the business or what type of business the technology is being adopted for, failure is not an option.

3 The technology is adaptable

good technology

Any piece of technology that is good will be adaptable and this basically means that it will readily integrate into any existing systems seamlessly without forcing the user to have to overhaul their entire system. Of course, the only exception will be if your business is using outdated systems and software then you may need to first upgrade them. Otherwise, any technology or software solution should work seamlessly within any system.

4 The technology is simple

good technology

Technology is one of those things that you shouldn’t need a manual to operate even though it comes with one. This is usually just a formality. Any technology that is considered good, is one that is simply plug and play, meaning that once you introduce it into your system, it will run smoothly, it will be easily understood and operated. Both tech savvy and non tech savvy users should able to navigate it.

5 The technology is customizable

good technology

Technology is usually designed for the open market with customers with a wide array of needs that are specific to them because. This, therefore, means that when you purchase a piece of technology and incorporate it into your system, it should be fairly easy to customize it to suit your business needs.

If a piece of technology meets the above criteria then it can be deemed as good technology however if it doesn’t then the opposite is true.

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