5 key disadvantages of technology

Whereas technology has resulted in tremendous positive outcomes in various aspects of human life, it can’t be denied that it has also come with a number of key disadvantages that have disrupted life as we once knew it. Technology has been embedded in day to day life to a point that it’s almost impossible to fathom a world without technology.

We are going to look at 5 key disadvantages that technology has brought.

1 Technology has negatively disrupted social connections

disadvantages of technology

Before technology was heavily embedded in our day to day lives, people had healthier personal relationships because of frequent and direct person to person communication. Today however, people rarely seat down to have a direct conversation as many would prefer communicating over some sort of medium such as the telephone or the internet. This has resulted in a disruption of social connections. As IT companies continue to improve our ways of communicating online, this will diminish even further. An IT support company who specialise in server and software support in online communication platforms completely agree with this. Their data shows that we should be prepared for everything to move online.

2 Technology has negatively disrupted education

disadvantages of technology

Before technology became heavily embedded in education, students used to make good use of their brain and hands as they worked on various academic tasks. Today however, because of the introduction of computers in school, students rarely engage their minds in complex thought because computers do that on their behalf. This means that the education system is producing half-baked learners and this has a negative effect on learning outcomes.

3 Technology has led to too much dependency

disadvantages of technology

Back in the day, people relied on their hands and their minds to get things done whether it was a home, at school or at work. Today however, people have become too much dependent on technology that in its absence, work will almost certainly not move regardless of how trivial of a job it is. Society has become too reliant on technology that it has forgotten how to survive without it.

4 Technology has disrupted originality

disadvantages of technology

One of the major problems being faced today in both the academic and professional circles is that technology has made people too lazy to come up with original work. There are more and more people engaging in plagiarism because other people’s work is readily available online. Copying other people’s ideas has become a norm and it doesn’t seem like it will end any time soon.

5 Technology will always malfunction

disadvantages of technology

Today, there is no technology that is 100 per cent tamper proof and this therefore means that it will always be prone to malfunction. Because society has become so dependent on these technologies, any form of malfunction is likely to cause a huge disruption and significant losses.

It’s therefore advisable for people in society to try to remember how they used to survive before technology so that they don’t find themselves enslaved to it as is currently the case. If you can execute a certain task without technology, be sure to do it just because you can.

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