Software and technology trends taking over business in 2018

The year 2018 has seen the business world reap the benefits for innovative technology and software solutions that have help in significantly bringing down production costs and increased productivity. These are technology solutions that have been highly customisable to work both for small and large companies therefore benefiting the entire business sector. Our friends at Keba who offer IT support in Northampton offer their views.

In this article, we are going to look at 4 software and technology trends taking over business in 2018.

1 More secure and fast payment methods

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Because of the proliferation of internet technology, more and more businesses are getting online and this means an increase in financial transactions that have to be conducted between businesses and their clients, and these transactions are global meaning that they can’t afford to get disrupted by physical barriers. Innovation is software that aids financial transactions has been on the increase that enables the use of e-wallets, as well as cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies that are acceptable in any part of the globe and allow fast and very secure payments.

2 Advancements in data security

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The proliferation of internet technology generally means that millions of customer personal data as well as business data is always on a given business transaction platform at any given time. This has meant that this data needs to be protected at all times because getting into the wrong hand especially if it’s financial data can result in catastrophic damage as has been witnessed in the past. This is the reason why there have been tremendous advancements in data security to keep out individuals with ill intentions.

3 Advancement in on the go technologies

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Customers have been demanding for technologies that enable them live on the go due to their increasingly busy lifestyles that don’t spare them enough time to do various activities. Such technologies include convenient shopping platforms and easy and secure payment methods that require minimal input. This has seen more and more technologies come in that replace physical payment options like credit cards for instance the use of QR codes, NFC and so on. This has reduced the need to walk around with cash or bulky wallets, as the mobile device becomes a tool that can facilitate all the services a person needs.

4 Increase in the use of cloud technology

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Cloud technology has been one of the most revolutionary technologies in modern times as it has tremendously increased access to customer and business data, and is essentially what has made it possible to conduct online transactions today from any part of the world. This technology has enhanced data security, data access and connectivity thereby eliminating geographical and physical barriers that used to be a hindrance in business.

Any business large or small that is investing in such technologies will notice an immediate impact in their business. It’s however worth noting that before adopting any such technologies, a business must ensure that such an investment will actually lead to a financial return.

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